Mrs. Terekhova, Larisa Valeryevna

Mrs. Terekhova, Larisa Valeryevna

English teacher

The children with their curiosity and frankness inspire me.

Samara State Pedagogical University

“Getting Ready for Young Learners Exams (Starters, Movers, Fryers)”, Cambridge English Language Assistant, 2015

Modern educational technologies in teaching English, 2015

Suggestopedia Teacher Training: A Redefinition of Teaching and Learning with Lonny Gold (Sweden’s Suggestopediakademi, the DGSL and IAL Level 3 Accredited Trainer), 2014

ICT for Education, 2014

IB Professional Development Making the PYP happen in the classroom, 2014

International conference of the Association of International Baccalaureate schools of the countries “Culture of education”, 2014

“Developing Communication and Collaboration Skills” for teachers of English as a Foreign Language, 2014

Learning a foreign language at an early stage, 2013

The specificity of the work on the grammatical aspect of English, 2013

Work experience: 8 years

Work experience as a teacher: 10 years

I like children and their world. It differs from ours. The children with their curiosity and directness inspire me. It is amazing to be side by side with the children and oversee their success.

tel: 8(846)201-16-15


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