Mrs. Smith, Elena Alexandrovna

Head of School

Every colleague is a unique personality, every student is in his or her way talented.

Mrs. Barashkina, Marina Vasilyevna

Teacher of English

I love my work because every day I teach the children and learn something from them.

Morot Léo

Professeur de français

J'aime mon travail car j'aime les enfants. J'adore leur façon si particulière de voir le monde.

Mrs. Terekhova, Larisa Valeryevna

English teacher

The children with their curiosity and frankness inspire me.

Mrs. Tashkina, Ekaterina Valeryevna

Teacher of English

I love my work because this is what I can do well.

Mrs. Paygatova, Olga Victorovna

Teacher of English

My work gives me a chance to share my knowledge with the children.

Mrs. Ulanova, Elena Yuryevna

Teacher of English

The teacher’s work makes it possible to share my labour of love with the most interesting people!

Mrs. Povetkina, Anna Vladimirovna

Teacher of English

I love my work because teaching the children we contribute to our future.

Mrs. Shagmanova, Guzaliya Mukhamedovna

Teacher of English and French

I try to promote love to learning foreign languages in my students.

Mrs. Tsareva, Svetlana Igorevna

PYP Coordinator

It’s so good to see the children’s happy faces and to love them back.

Mrs. Mukhamedzhanova, Guzel Valeryevna

Elementary school teacher, Deputy Principal for Education

I love doing what I can.

Mrs. Bakradze, Liana Seyranovna

Elementary school teacher

I love children, and I think my work is important.

Mrs. Tashchakova, Maryam Ryashitovna

Elementary school teacher

I love children who don’t let you despond, you can learn a lot from them. I like to teach.

Mrs. Urcheva, Irina Vladimirovna

Elementary school teacher

I love my work for its unique virtue: it enables us to see and admire our students’ spiritual development, to meet them down the years, when they become adult and worthy people.

Mrs. Petrishcheva, Svetlana Vasilyevna

1 B form tutor

I’m for an opportunity to create and perfect one’s knowledge, skills and talents…

Mrs. Smirnova, Elena Alexandrovna

Teacher of French

I strongly believe that the main things in the teacher’s profession are love, kindness and sincerity. These are the eternal values that should become the basis of both pedagogics and the society as a whole.

Mrs. Tankeyeva, Yulia Alexandrovna

English teacher / IB DP Coordinator

The world around us is beautiful and surprising, but most people don’t notice it. I’m sure that only knowledge enables every one to see the real world.

Mrs. Ivanova, Olga Borisovna

Elementary school teacher, Deputy Principal of Samara International School

Why am I a teacher? It looks like my fortune… We bring bright colours to the world. And it may be not so easy. We don’t light big stars… We light THE CHILDREN’S STARS!