Метью Гэлос

Метью Гэлос

преподаватель английского языка (носитель языка)

Matthew Galos

Teacher of English


Academic Degrees:

— Bachelor of Arts in Asian Languages and Translation 2008 

— Master of Arts in International Relations 2013

Field of training and specialisation: Asian Languages, Linguistics, Translation and International Relations

Professional development: TESOL and TEFL Certificate 2009


Work experience:

— 2009 — 2012 Japanese-English Translator, Australian Multi Lingual Services, Brisbane Australia

— 2011 — 2015 Private Tutor and English Teacher, ILSC Brisbane

— November 2015 — April 2016 English Teacher, Interlingua School, Belgorod Russia


            During my time as a translator, I worked with large international companies such as Toyota, Bluescope Steel and Toshiba on translation of complex mechanical and electronic schematics. It was a privilege and great experience to work with some of the best translators around. During my teaching career, I’ve been lucky enough to teach children, teens and adults from all over the world in all levels of English, providing me with several years of experience and understanding in developing English as a second language.


            As an individual who has made his own career through the study of languages and linguistics, I have always enjoyed sharing my own passion with my students. Language study is the key to many doors — overseas travel, study or employment — and it will always be a pleasure for me to help others find this key. There are few things as satisfying as watching your students develop and progress their language skills, and at the same time, develop a level of cultural understanding between themselves and countries foreign to them. English, as the global language, is sometimes forgotten as an interesting language on its own: I will always love reminding my students about the different accents and nuances of English, and how to see English as a way of life for many different cultures!

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